A selection of our work

For a leading International Organisation (IO), we conducted a business model, HR and IT infrastructure assessment, and developed a business case, SRS and a user-requirements capture for a new management information system, enabling the IO to better capture data for improved stakeholder programs.

We were retained as a strategic adviser by a B2B e-commerce platform company to advise on all matters related to strategy, including digital platform strategy, sales, market entry, political risk and capital raising.

On behalf of a leading global insurer, we led a design work-shop to help them think through how advanced digital technologies can open up new market opportunities, how their data could help capture these opportunities and how they could re-design their business model in response.

Together with one of the three largest privately-owned global asset managers and private banks, we helped the management board and global leadership teams to develop a new organisational structure and digitised processes to enable small-scale innovation pilots, improve work-stream efficiencies and cross-team collaboration.

We were retained by a global pharmaceuticals company seeking to craft a market entry strategy to capture an increasing share of one of the fastest growing Asian markets. In a three-pronged approach, we executed an independent survey to corroborate the internal case for entering the market, conducted initial modelling to determine the market size available for capture and designed a comprehensive entry strategy and operational plan for the first 3 years.

For an emerging markets focused agri-business company, we conducted a market-entry feasibility study for an East African country and re-designed the business model to incorporate an ‘end-to-end’ value chain, including a logistics chain, manufacturing and distribution.

On behalf of a leading private markets securities platform, we were retained as a strategic adviser, supporting the capital raise, investment and growth strategies.

For a growth-stage alternative financial products platform, we advised on capital raising and growing AUM.

One of the five largest airline groups by revenue sought assistance with a corporate restructuring, including the evaluation of leadership and board level positions. We conducted an objective assessment of existing roles and responsibilities against the ability to execute its global strategy, proposed changes to the shareholder structure, executed the agreed upon recommendations and devised the subsequent communication strategy.

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